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Carpet cleaning

6 TIPS to preserve your carpet:

  • Avoid covering busy places with textiles but if you have to, place dirt resistant carpets one after the other in front of the textiles. This way you can keep them clean.
  • Cover kitchens and diners with hard coverings because liquids and coarse dirt can not harm hard walking surfaces.
  • It is not wise to place plant and flowerpots on the carpet because liquids can get on the carpet during watering.
  • Remove all stains and contaminations in a short time (on the same day).
  • Rotate the rugs occasionally to even out the wearing.
  • Clean wall-to-wall carpets in offices at least every three months to maintain their pleasing look for a long time.

Cleaning should always start with vacuum-cleaning. The most effective tool is a brush vacuum cleaner with dust nozzle, because it loosens and removes even sticky and deep dirts.

The second step is the chemical pretreatment of sticky dirts, the stain removal. Make sure to start cleaning with a chemical solution of low concentration and then gradually add more cleansing agent until you get the desired result. In addition you should pay attention to the followings:

  • strong bristle brushes should be used for the pretreatment of stains to loosen up the dirt. This way the chemical cleaning will be more effective.
  • removal of stains should always start from the outside towards the middle using circular movements. After loosening the dirt use 100% cotton or microfibre cloth for cleaning and pay close attention to always use the clean part of the cloth.
  • Use a freezing spray to remove bubblegums.

The third phase is the Carpet and Upholstery cleaning which can be Extraction cleaning - the most common cleaning technology. The carpet cleaning machine pumps the chemical spray onto the surface. The same procedure is repeated again after the exposure time but this time the contaminated chemical water is sucked up from the surface. When human skin can be directly exposed to chemicals it is important to rinse the cleaned surface with pure water to reduce skin irritation. To get the best result Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. does not restrict brush cleaning to vacuum cleaning but also uses roller brushes during carpet cleaning to get the cleaning agent deep into the surface. For a quicker drying we use a powerful three-phase air injector which certainly speeds up the procedure.

Szőnyeg tisztítás

Foam carpet and upholstery cleaning is gentle on textiles because it does not soak them with water. Our company uses foam generators to ensure fast and effective cleaning. Moreover we use roller brush heads that can be attached to the carpet cleaning machines. These heads get the foam deep inside the carpet fibres. The surface dries quickly because we solely use foam. After this it is necessary to repeat the vacuum cleaning. We use vacuum cleaners with dust nozzles that also have industrial filters.

Szőnyegek tisztítása

Dry carpet cleaning is used in places where wall-to-wall carpets are exposed to intensive use (hotels, conference rooms, cinemas, shopping centres) all day long, that is why there is not enough time to let carpets dry. Vacuum cleaning (preferably with a brush vacuum cleaner) has to come first before any other kinds of cleaning. We spread the cleaning powder on the surface making sure that we clean smaller surfaces at a time and not let the powder dry out. Then we get the powder deep inside the carpet's fibres. We use roller brush scrubber driers with gentle bristles and adjustable pressure, preferably from two directions. After a short time we vacuum clean the carpet again. We remove the contaminations that were bound by the powder from the base of the carpet fibres.


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