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Disinfecting cleaning


The industrial fog generator used by our company turns the disinfectant solution into a cloud of fog, which covers all surfaces of the room under treatment. In addition to its performance, it is suitable for professional use due to its outstanding atomization capacity (0-19 l/h) and its optimally adjustable tankcapacity (4-10 liters), which is supplemented by the use of professional chemicals in order to achieve guaranteed disinfection results.


Power supply

~ 230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption

1 000 W

Atomization capacity

0-19 l / hour (adjustable)

Spray distance

5-7 meter

Tank capacity

4-10 liter

Particle size

7-30 μm


4.1 kg

HE-144 High performance industrial ozone generator

Ozone treatment is a widely used air cleaning and disinfection procedure. We provide environmentally friendly, chemical-free cleaning for customer service offices, waiting rooms, community spaces, doctors' waiting rooms, dressing rooms, apartments, restaurants, kitchens and vehicles, ensuring both a pathogen-free environment and fresh clean air, using ozone technology!

Ozone gas is one of the strongest oxidizing and disinfecting substances, which, depending on the number of microorganisms, is up to 600 to 3,000 times more effective than chlorine. Not a single pathogen can fight the disinfecting power of ozone, so it is also an effective help in the fight against viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi circulating in the air or sticking to surfaces. It neutralizes and eliminates unpleasant odors, be it cigarette smoke, food, chemicals or musty odors. No chemcials are needed during the ozone gas treatment, thus the cleaning process is environmentally friendly, and the oxidation process with ozone is so effective that microorganisms cannot build up immunity, unlike with traditional chemicals.

Ozone gas (O3) contains three oxygen atoms, while the O2 molecules in the inhaled air contain two. When the highly reactive ozone molecules come into contact with bacteria, viruses and other odor-causing particles, oxidation occurs, during which these harmful particles are completely destroyed, while the ozone molecule is converted into oxygen (O2) at the end of the chemical process. As effect, there is nothing left but fresh O2-rich air after the treatment.


Power supply

~ 230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption

350 W

Active ozone emission

7-28 g/h

Ozone sheet size

1 sheet/ 90x110 mm

Ozone sheet lifetime

1000 working hours or 1 year

Noise level

40 dB


6.3 kg

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