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Puraqleen Professional tools - soft water window cleaning system, an environmentally friendly and professional solution

Window and facade cleaning even in the height - Puraqleen

Our company has been using Puraqleen and Titanpole products since 2008 which enables us to clean windows and façades standing on the ground up to 18-20 meters height.

This means that we do not need scaffolding and elevating platforms for a fast and effective window cleaning. Cleaning is done with a special brush attached to a pole system containing carbon and titanium fibres. The filtering system produces clean water which is then sprinkled on the surfaces with 6 bar pressure from the brush. The multiphase filtering clears the water from all minerals, bacteria, algae and quicklime thus leaving a clear, shiny and drip-free surface behind. This cleaning method not only saves time and money but is environmentally friendly because it needs no chemicals.

European Innovation Award winner in 2005.

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Telescopic, articulated ladders

Multi-purpose ladders

Rolling aluminium scaffolding

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