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Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

CLEANFIX S 10 industrial dry vacuum cleaner

CLEANFIX S 10 Plus industrial dry vacuum cleaner

Total Power 1100 Watt/230 V
Water lift 2500 mm
Bag capacity 6 litres
Tank capacity 9 litres
Casters 5
Noise level 62 dB
Cable length 7,5 metres
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions - length/width/height 40/40/40 cm

TMB DRY P 11 vacuum cleaner

Total Power 1200W
Airflow rate 48l/sec
Noise level 61 dB
Main filter Polypropylene
Tank 11 l
Recommended operating time 3 hours in case of uninterrupted use
Weight 5,5 kg
Dimensions 36x36x49 cm
Tube Plastic
Motor Single-phase motor


Versatile and silent vacuum cleaner. The shock-absorbing ABS plastic tank makes it ideal for industrial use. The 2,5 m suction hose, the telescopic tube and the four different nozzles are standard accessories. Only with paper dust bag.

Vacuum cleaner MIKROS
Dry vacuuming Yes
Wet vacuuming No
Total Power (W) 1100
Tank Capacity (litres) 12
Vacuum (mbar) 220
Airflow rate (l/sec) 36
Noise level ( dB ) 60


Office vacuum cleaner. The state of the art AMETEK turbine is extremely silent while it provides 20% more suction power than the average. The 2,5 m suction hose, the two-part metal tube and the four different nozzles are standard accessories. Only with paper dust bag. Optional accessories are the electric brush and the HEPA filter.

Vacuum cleaner AS 6
Dry vacuuming Yes
Wet vacuuming No
Total Power (W) 1000
Tank Capacity (litres) 13
Vacuum (mbar) 250
Airflow rate (l/sec) 51
Noise level ( dB ) 56

LINDHAUS Activa 380

It represents a new generation electric broom with high filtration volume. Thanks to its design it is multifunctional: it is an electric broom, a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner.


It contains two suction turbines, that are individually switchable, and therefore the required suction power can be adjusted more properly. Great performance and long lifetime are guaranteed. Air Flow: 5 800 l/min, negative pressure: 2 200 mm, power of suction motor: 2*1 200 by pass, noise level: 77 dB, tank capacity: 78 l, weight: 27 kg, dimensions: 570*610*960 mm


Wet and dry vacuum cleaner with three motors for the cleaning of hard surfaces. The 58 litre neat tank capacity qualifies for all kinds of jobs. The AMETEK turbine is equipped with two by-pass turbines that prevent it from overheating even if used continuously. The 2.5 m suction hose, the metal tube and the four different nozzles are standard accessories. Pick-up of dust is ensured by the .50 ø suction hose. Optional accessories are the paper filter bag, the dust bag adapter, the fixed nozzle and the tank releaser.

Total weight 30,5 kg
Rated Power 3000 W
Noise level 66 dB(A)
Total Power (W) 1000
Max. Air Flow 159 litres/sec
Width 440 mm
Height 900 mm
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