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Industrial cleaning

The changes of cleaning industry and technology impose a big challenge on the development of cleaning technologies. As a result the different branches of cleaning services are more and more differentiated. Besides office cleaning there is another branch that is different from the others concerning investment and cleaning. This is industrial cleaning.

The main feature of industrial cleaning is that it is based on the Clients' individual needs. Industrial cleaning involves special equipment. The equipment is used by our professionally trained staff. Industrial cleaning is one of the most capital-intensive investments.

Industrial cleaning at our company consists of the following services:

Special cleaning of machines and the inner and outer wall surfaces of halls

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Special cleaning of factories, halls, underground car parks and parking lots

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Dry-ice blasting

We use dry-ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), that is directed at the contaminated surface with pressurized air stream. Dry-ice sublimates when contacting the surface of the contamination. Dry-ice converts back into gas without becoming liquid. This way we remove contaminations without using chemicals. This environmentally friendly technology produces no water as a by-product.

Removing graffiti and providing protection against it

(detailed description under the cleaning of facades)

Cleaning after fire (removal of soot and other contaminations)

General cleaning and restoration of walking surfaces

General cleaning of walking surfaces with a high power scrubber drier, impregnation and the adding of a protective layer to the surface are also among our services. These services are carried out according to the following steps that make our work professional, enduring and high quality. These steps also contribute to our Clients' satisfaction. First we remove coarse dirt with a twin motor industrial vacuum cleaner (in the case of PVC, vinyl, stone and industrial concrete floor coverings) then we select the adequate cleaning agent and spray the heavily contaminated areas with its concentrated solution, making sure that the solution does not dry in the meantime. Before cleaning vinyl floor covering we always try out the cleaning agent on the surface because alkalis can cause irreversible damages to it.

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We soak the surface with the proper solution of the cleaning agent, loosen up the dirt and pretreat the surface with a low speed, single disc scrubbing machine to let the cleaning agent reach deeper. After the exposure time but before the drying of the cleaning agent we pick up the contaminated solution with a scrubbing machine. If we also want to focus on the care and protection of the surface besides the general cleaning, the second essential step is the neutralization. It means that we rinse the surface with clean water. If we would like to preserve the aesthetic value of the surface and make it easily cleanable the third step is the impregnation and care. Impregnation firms the pores of the surface and therefore the different kinds of chemical and physical contaminations can not get to its base. With the aesthetic value in mind comes the coating. We add a wear layer to the surface with the proper lubricating device. Because of their softness, the cleaning of limestone and marble coverings demands extra care and attention. Coating is not recommended in the case of these coverings. We use two methods for the renewal of the surfaces:

Diamond disc grinding

The most important advantage of diamond disc grinding is that it does not need chemicals. The work is carried out in 3-4 steps with pads containing industrial diamonds of different grain size. We polish the surface at the end of the procedure.

Crystallisation (chemical restoration)

During crystallisation we soften the surface with a mildly acidic solution, then we use three steel wool discs of different fineness attached to a single disc scrubber machine until the surface is hard and shiny again.

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