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Data protection and data management policy regarding online requests for quotation and job applications

Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. as the Data Controller and the Operator of the website under the domain name, hereunder publishes the following policy information regarding the data management carried out within the framework of the website and services related to the website.

The Users visiting and using the website accept all conditions contained in this data management policy, thus we would like to request you to read this information carefully before using the website.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the rights and fundamental freedoms, with a special focus on the right to privacy of all individuals, regardless of nationality and place of residence, are respected during the machine processing of the individuals’ personal data in all areas of the services provided by the Data Controller (data protection).

The principles and definitions concerning the management of personal data included in this policy sheet are identical to terms and conditions of the Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.

1.) Information of the Data Controller:

1.1 Data Controller: Pedantéria-Plusz Kft.
1.2 Registered office: 2217 Gomba, Petőfi Sándor utca 18.
1.3 E-mail address:

2.) The purpose of data management and the scope of the managed data:

2.1. Data processing regarding the online Requests for Quotation:
The purpose of data management is to facilitate the User's contact with the Data Controller and to effectively assist the parties in the preparation of a pre-calculation for a price offer. On the website, the following data could be requested when requesting a quote:

  • Company name
  • E-mail address
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Message

2.2. Data processing regarding online Job Applications:

The purpose of data management is to facilitate contact with the Applicant in order to coordinate the application for the job. Upon applying for a position on the website, the following data could be requested:

  • Surname
  • First name
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Residence (city)
  • District Number in the case of Budapest
  • “Do you have experience?”
  • “How many hours would you like to work?”
  • “When can you start?”
  • Comments

3.) Duration of data processing:

3.1 In case of Quotation Request and Job Application
As long as the User does not request the removal of their data from the database by contacting the Data controller via any of these premises:
3.1.1 Data controller: Pedantéria-Plusz Kft.
3.1.2 Headquarters: 2217 Gomba, Petőfi Sándor utca 18.
3.1.3 Office: 1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 150.
3.1.4 E-mail address:
Claims related to the processing of personal data (requests for information on data management policy, requests for correction, blocking, removal of personal data, objections to the processing of personal data) can be submitted directly to the Data Controller.

4.) Legal basis for processing personal data:

The Users’ personal data processing with regards to the online content found on the website is based on the User’s voluntary, adequately informed statement, which contains the User's explicit consent to the use of their provided personal data when using the website. The legal basis for data processing is Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information, Section 5 (1) a). Issues relating to online commercial services and services related to the information society. takes place on the basis of Act CVIII of 2001.

The User gives his consent to the individual data management by using the Website, by registering, or by voluntarily providing the data in question. Users may only provide their own personal data on the Website. In case they are not providing their own personal data, the Data Provider is obliged to obtain the User's consent.
The User should warrant that he has legally obtained the consent of the person concerned for the processing of personal data provided and made accessible to third natural persons within the framework of the Service.

5.) The range of individuals accessing the data, data processing:

The Data Controller and the Data Processors used by The Data Controller are entitled to access personal data according to the applicable legislation. The data is processed by the following data processor acting on behalf of the Data Controller:
Address: 2550 North Loop W., Suite 4006, Houston, TX 77092, United States
The purpose of data processing is to provide the necessary hosting service for the operation of the website. The Data Controller reserves the right to involve additional Data Processors in the data management in the future, of which it will inform the Users by amending these Regulations.
In the absence of a legal provision, the Data Controller will only transfer data used for personal identification to third parties with the explicit consent of the User in question

6.) User's rights:

Data manager informs at the request of the User

The Data Controller should provide information about the personal data it processes, its source, purpose, legal basis, duration, the name and address of the data processor and its activities related to data processing, furthermore - in case the User’s personal data is being transmitted - the legal basis and recipient of the data transmission, by the request of the User. The information can be requested via e-mail at the e-mail address info@pedanté and via mail at the following postal address: 1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 150, with a proof of identity and the mailing address in both cases. The data controller shall respond in writing within 25 (twenty-five) days of receiving the request at the latest. The User has the right to request the rectification of his personal data (by providing the correct data) via e-mail at info@pedanté and via mail at the following postal address: 1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 150. In both cases, he must prove his identity and provide the mailing address. The Data Controller shall immediately make the correction in his records and notify the User in writing of this happening.

In addition to the above, the User may at any time request the removal or blocking of their data - in whole or in part - at the e-mail address info@pedanté and via mail to the following postal address: 1103 Budapest, Gyömrői út 150. free of charge, without reason, by providing proof of its identity and the mailing address. Upon receiving the request for removal, the Data Controller shall immediately ensure the termination of data management and delete the User from its records. Instead of removal, the Data Manager blocks the personal data if the User requests this, or if, based on the information available, it can be assumed that the removal would harm the User's legitimate interests. The personal data blocked in this way can only be processed as long as the data management purpose exists, which previously precluded the removal of the personal data. If the Data Controller does not comply with the User's requests for rectification, blocking or removal within 25 (twenty-five) days after receiving the request, the Data Controller shall communicate in writing the factual and legal reasons for rejecting the request for rectification, blocking or removal. In case the Data Controller rejects the request for correction, removal or blocking of personal data, it shall inform the User of the possibility of acquiring judicial remedy, as well as the possibility of turning to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

The User may object to the processing of his personal data,

  • if the processing or forwarding of personal data is necessary solely for the fulfillment of a legal obligation of the Data Controller or for the enforcement of the legitimate interests of the Data Controller, a Data Receiver or a third party, except in cases of mandatory data processing;
  • if personal data is used or forwarded for the purpose of direct business acquisition, public surveys or scientific research; as well as
  • in other cases defined by law.

The Data Controller shall examine the objection as soon as possible, but no later than 25 days after the submission of the request, carry out a decision on its merits, and inform the applicant of its decision in writing. If the User does not agree with the Data Controller's decision, or if the Data Controller misses the above defined deadline, the User may turn to the court within 30 days, starting from the notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline.

The User, based on the Info.Act and the Civil Code (Act V of 2013), can

  • Contact the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c.; or
  • Enforce his rights in court.

The Data Controller reserves the right to unilaterally modify this Policy with prior notification to the Users on the Website’s interface. After the amendment enters into force, the Users must accept the amendments in order to continue using the Website, as provided by the Service Provider on the Website.

7.) Information collected in connection with cookies used on the website:

If the User does not provide any personal data or information on the Website, the Data Controller will not collect or process any personal data relating to the User in a way that could be used to directly identify the User.

During visits to the Website, the Data Controller sends one or more cookies - i.e. a small file containing a series of characters - to the User's computer, by which the browser can be uniquely identified. These cookies are provided by Google and are used through the Google Adwords system. The Data Controller's web analytics provider is Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043), whose Google Analytics service collects anonymous data. The purpose of this activity is to provide information about the site's operation, attendance and distribution of interested parties. More  information about Google's privacy policy can be found at

If you do not want the Data Controller to collect the above-mentioned information about you in connection with the use of the Website, you can partially or completely disable the use of cookies in the Internet browser settings, or change the settings in the cookie message.

8.) Other provisions:

Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. undertakes to ensure the security of the data, and also takes the technical measures that ensure that the recorded, stored and processed data are protected, and does everything to prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. It also undertakes to call on all third parties to whom it may forward or transfer the data to comply and fulfill their obligations in this regard.

The website may contain connection points (links) that lead to the pages of other service providers. Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. assumes no responsibility for the data protection policies and other activities of these service providers.

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