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Window cleaning

Our company was one of the firsts in Hungary who started using Puraqleen and Titanpole products which enables us to clean windows up to 18-20 meters height while standing on the ground. This means that we do not need scaffolding and elevating platforms for a fast and effective window cleaning. Cleaning is done with a special brush attached to a pole system containing carbon and titanium fibres. The special filtering system produces clean water which is then sprinkled on the surfaces with 5.5 bar pressure from the brush. The multiphase filtering clears the water from all minerals, bacteria, algae and quicklime thus leaving a clear, shiny and drip-free surface behind as opposed to traditional window cleaning (watering, pulling, drying).


Our economic and quick way of work is reflected in the continuous rising of the number of our Clients and their constant satisfaction. This cleaning method not only saves time and money but is environmentally friendly because it needs no chemicals.

European Innovation Award winner in 2005.

Naturally we also provide traditional window cleaning services to our Clients.
Further cleaning services: window cleaning - façade cleaning - carpet and upholstery cleaning

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