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Window cleaning

Baudoin environmentally friendly window cleaning system

Using the Baudoin environmentally friendly window cleaning system, we can clean glass surfaces from the ground up to a height of 10 meters, both outdoors and indoors (using purified water produced with the help of mixed bed resin) without the use of chemicals.


Window and facade cleaning even at higher altituted – Puraqleen

Puraqleen Professional tools - soft water window cleaning system, an environmentally friendly and professional solution.

Our company was one of the firsts in Hungary who started using Puraqleen and Titanpole products which enables us to clean windows up to 18-20 meters height while standing on the ground. This means that we do not need scaffolding and elevating platforms for a fast and effective window cleaning. Cleaning is done with a special brush attached to a pole system containing carbon and titanium fibres. The special filtering system produces clean water which is then sprinkled on the surfaces with 5.5 bar pressure from the brush. The multiphase filtering clears the water from all minerals, bacteria, algae and quicklime thus leaving a clear, shiny and drip-free surface behind as opposed to traditional window cleaning (watering, pulling, drying).

Our economic and quick way of work is reflected in the continuous rising of the number of our Clients and their constant satisfaction. This cleaning method not only saves time and money but is environmentally friendly because it needs no chemicals.

European Innovation Award winner in 2005.

Traditional window cleaning solutions

Naturally, we also provide traditional window cleaning services to our Clients.

Why should you call us if you need window cleaning?

The cleanliness of a shop’s or office’s windows reflects the reliability of thecompany. As a customer, what would you assume about a store with a dim window or an office where employees work behind dirty glass surfaces?

It is completely understandable that you want to paint an impeccable image of your own company. One part of this is window cleaning. It is especially important to pay attention to this if you have large glass surfaces on your premises. This is typical of modern offices, of sunny assembly halls, or shop windows in busy places.

Cleaning windows is no one’s favorite task. We know exactly why this is so. It is almost impossible to achieve a satisfactory result with household methods, even after a whole day's work, the window glass can remain streaked or stained. You can find many miracle methods on the Internet if you look around a little on the subject of window cleaning. As a professional, we can say that only a fraction of these are worth trying at all. And even then, a clean window is not guaranteed. If you really want spotless windows, it's better to let the professionals do the work. We have the expertise and tools to make your doors and windows perfectly clean.

In the course of our work, we use the most up-to-date technology and do everything we can to protect the integrity of the environment.

Call us with confidence: +36 1 9200 164


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