Industrial and office cleaning - Pedantéria - Plusz Kft.

Cleaning services at a reasonable price with reliable and conscientious staff

Creating and maintaining a hygienic and clean environment is necessary to our health and well being. It is important at both home and work.

Our company provides high quality services such as the cleaning of industrial buildings and the daily or occasional office cleaning. We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents while cleaning windows, façades, carpets and upholstery or removing graffiti.

About our cleaning services

It is worth mentioning some of our special cleaning services. Thanks to the experience of the recent years and the constant development new horizons opened for our company in providing services requiring strong technological background and professionalism. We are now fully prepared for the cleaning of bigger industrial plants, factories and office buildings.

We are capable of cleaning all kinds of surfaces without difficulty. We do our work with the best quality always in mind. The references about our cleaning services also show that our clients are satisfied with us.

Cleaning in clean conditions

The materials, tools and equipments we use for cleaning, the technological background we have and our quality certificates all comply with the EU standards. Our qualified cleaning personnel obtained a qualification that is listed in the National Qualifications Register. The practical application of their knowledge was very important during their training. Our company takes full responsibility for the work carried out by our personnel.

  • We work with the latest technology
  • We use environmentally friendly and advanced cleaning agents
  • We are at your service 24 hours a day
  • We have a dedicated and professional staff
  • Nothing is impossible for us in cleaning