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Facade cleaning

Depending on their size and function wall surfaces are highly exposed to physical and chemical impacts as well as UV radiation. Like any other surface facade walls also need regular cleaning and care with professional technology. This way we preserve their aesthetic value as well as extend their lifetime.

The thorough cleaning of façade walls consists of two important steps:

Before the general cleaning it is important to define the exact type of the surface (based on its chemical and physical characteristics) and select the chemicals that are suitable for cleaning the dirt on the surface. Based on their state the chemicals we use can be divided into three groups:

  • Liquid cleaning agents are used for the cleaning of mildly contaminated or horizontal surfaces.
  • Foam cleaning agents are used for the cleaning of moderately contaminated or vertical surfaces.
  • Gel cleaning agents are used for the cleaning of heavily contaminated or vertical surfaces.

Before we use the cleaning agent with the adequate tool it is recommended to loosen up the dirt on the heavily contaminated surfaces to let the cleaning agent reach deeper. After the exposure time we rinse the surface with a hot water high pressure cleaner, then depending on the contamination we repeat the whole procedure from the beginning.

Impregnation helps protecting the cleaned surface because after adding a protective layer to the surface the different kinds of contaminations can not get into the surface's pores as they stuck to the protective layer. That is why the removal of dirt gets easier later. Based on the compounds impregnating agents can be divided into three groups:

  • Aqueous, dispersion based impregnating agents are used for firming the pores and reducing hygroscopicity.
  • Silicone impregnating agents are the most widespread because they provide more protection to the surface than the aqueous, dispersion based impregnating agents. They do not clog the material's capillaries and they let the surface "breathe".
  • Polyurethane impregnating agents form a watertight layer on the surface that is why they are primarily used on concrete surfaces.

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