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Façade and window cleaning, cleaning without chemicals

Façade, window and shop window cleaning consist of the following services:

Glass and façade cleaning with Puraqleen technology up to 20 meters height. Cleaning the inner and outer surface of hard to reach windows in office buildings and houses with rope access technique, cleaning shop windows regularly. Cleaning windows in public utilities and industrial plants. Cleaning special and hard to reach windows in factory halls.
The detailed list of our cleaning services:

  • Cleaning vertical blinds
  • Façade cleaning with chemicals
  • Cleaning with dry steam and without chemicals
  • Scrubbing hard walking surfaces with machines
  • Cleaning glass surfaces and frames even with rope access technique
  • Refilling hygienic products constantly
  • Chemical restoration of marble
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning with extraction, dry powder and carpet shampoo
  • Treating vinyl, PVC and concrete floor coverings with polymer coating (penetration) and adding an abrasion-resistant layer to the surface
  • Removing graffiti and providing protection against it
  • Glass and façade cleaning with PURAQLEEN technology up to 20 meters height.

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The cleaning of hard walking surfaces with machines, dry steam cleaning without chemicals, the cleaning of façades with chemicals, or carpet and upholstery cleaning with extraction, dry powder or carpet shampoo also belong to the industrial cleaning techniques. We also clean carpets, wall-to-wall carpets, upholstery and vertical blinds if needed.

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If the cleaning service you are looking for is not included in this list, or you are looking for another carpet, surface or curtain cleaning service, or you have a question, please, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information under the Contact us menu.

Cleaning agents at our company

Our company works with the best quality cleaning agents.

Besides cleaning professionally the use of good quality cleaning agents is also necessary for the sake of maximizing and maintaining hygiene. Let us list some of the cleaning agents we use for the cleaning of different surfaces:

Dreiturm cleaning agents:

Dreiturm tisztítás Dreiturm tisztítószer Dreiturm tisztítószer 2 Dreiturm tisztítószer 3 Dreiturm tisztítószer 4 Dreiturm tisztítószer 5 Dreiturm tisztítószer 6

  • GOLDREIF Glanzreiniger: scented, alcohol based daily cleaning agent for the cleaning of water resistant surfaces, contains drip and streak free formula, pH value: 7
  • GOLDREIF Sanitarreiniger: citric acid-based sanitary cleaner; pH value: 3
  • SEANITARREININGER EX: for removing limestone and scale deposits, excellent disinfectant; pH value: 3,1
  • D1 NEU: powerful general cleaning agent, ammonium chloride free, can be used in air-conditioned places; pH value: 11
  • VARIOL: excellent degreasing agent, oil and soot remover, suitable for the cleaning of alkali resistant objects, biodegradable; pH value: 11
  • D 3 SPEZIAL: suitable for the cleaning and care of PVC, vinyl, gum, ashlar and cast stone coverings; pH value: 8,5
  • TEC NEU: non foaming carpet cleaner for machines, scented, suitable for intensive extraction cleaning and stain removal, pH value: 7,5
  • TEPPICH - REINIGER: carpet cleaning shampoo, pH neutral biological fabric protector, dirt repellent cleaning agent with pleasant fresh scent
  • D4 SPEZIAL: self-polishing general floor coating emulsion, forms a non-slip layer, dries fast, does not dull, creates a polishable surface

Kiehl cleaning agents

Tisztítás Kiehl tisztítószerekkel

  • THERMODUR: Metallised plastic polish with high solids content and excellent self-polishing as well as film-building properties. Thermodur provides a non-slip coating which is exceptionally durable, dirt-resistant and wipe-proof.
  • DOPOMAT-INTENSO: highly-alkaline industrial cleaning concentrate for machine use (for the removal of stubborn dirt; pH value: 13)
  • Hodrup "A": high pressure cleaner with corrosion prevention for machine use (suitable for use on all water-resistant and alkali-resistant surfaces pH value: 13)

SoSafe Graffiti Removals and cleaning agents:

Graffiti tisztítás Graffiti eltávolítás

SoSafe YELLOW is the gentlest graffiti remover that is specifically designed to remove graffiti from sensitive surfaces layer by layer, without damaging the surface.

SoSafe BLUE is the most widespread chemical that can be used on most varieties of porous surfaces (concrete, brick etc.). Available in gel format for vertical surfaces.

SoSafe RED is the strongest graffiti remover. Extra care is taken while using it.

SoSafe SAFETY SHIELD provides protection against graffiti after cleaning the surface. UV resistant and protects the surface from detrimental exposures.

SoSafe SHADOW CHASER removes the contours of graffiti remains.

SoSafe EXTERNAL SURFACE REVIVAL provides protection for a long time, it will kill mould spores, preventing fungus from returning.

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