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About Pedantéria-Plusz Kft.

Our company has excellent references in industrial and office cleaning. We use the latest technologies and best materials while cleaning factory halls, offices, façades, glass surfaces, and removing graffiti. This work is accompanied by our Clients' constant satisfaction. Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. has all the necessary equipments that enable us to clean big office buildings and factories. We keep pace with the modern developments and have the latest and most efficient cleaning machines. We have special and gentle yet exceptionally effective equipments for the cleaning of different materials and surfaces. We work fast and at a reasonable price. We are precise, we meet our Clients' needs and we take full responsibility for our work.

High quality cleaning services at a reasonable price

Our company was founded in 1997 with the aim to provide high quality cleaning services at a reasonable price to our future Clients. Our business is built around providing different kinds of cleaning services and other services linked to cleaning. We pay close attention to the continuous development of our professional knowledge. We do our best to price our services in a way that meets market trends. At the same time we are always trying to improve the quality of our work. Our services have reasonable prices thanks to the centralised procurement of the tools, chemicals and hygienic products that we need for performing high quality cleaning. We closely supervise the use of these equipments. To sustain our achievements and develop further we continuously improve the quality of our work, and we provide more and more cleaning services to meet our Clients' needs. According to us buildings are the places where people work day after day, and they are the scenes of forming new business relations and improve other ones. We contribute to our clients' better working conditions and satisfaction by providing and maintaining a clear and hygienic environment.

Cleaning is a high standard and regularly supervised service at our company

In order to provide high quality cleaning services at all times we regularly check on the work of our staff by appointed supervisors. We inform the Client of our remarks and experience to solve potential problems as soon as possible. It is our belief that the Clients' opinions and impressions are mainly based on our personnel's attitude to work and the quality of the work carried out by them. That is why it is very important to us that our personnel carry out the work with full devotion an professionalism. We continuously provide trainings to our personnel and appreciate their work. This way our staff have a stake in their work and they can form a stable community.

Cleaning with environmentally friendly technologies

In the course of the work we pay close attention to use gentle and environmentally friendly cleaning agents and technologies. The cleaning technologies we use comply with the Hungarian and European Union standards. Our company has undergone continuous improvements since its founding because we not only provide cleaning services but always try to give full-scope solutions to our Clients. Pedantéria-Plusz Kft. aims to be characterized by professionalism, reliability and innovation. With the help of our effective and high quality work we would like to have a dominant position in the cleaning industry.

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